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W. Von Pittler Precision Lathe

W. Von Pittler Precision Lathe

Pittler lathes were made in Germany, at a factory in Actien Gesellschaft, Leipzig-Gohlis, and under Licence in England by Henry Milnes. The form and function of Pittler lathes were both unusual: they were immensely versatile machines and capable of being ingeniously adapted to solve many difficult machining operations. The Pattern B and C were the most popular, with manufacturing of the highest quality and today they are greatly sort after by knowledgeable machine-tool enthusiasts. Pittler advertising literature of the late 1800s claimed that the company's products were "universal lathes" and pointed out that the trapezoidal bed, with its saddle capable of being rotated round it, both by hand and, with the necessary accessories, under power, provided the basis for a machine tool capable of undertaking over 200 different discrete turning, milling and gear-cutting operations.
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