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Miniature Miller's Falls #5 Hand Drill

Miniature Miller's Falls #5 Hand Drill


These miniature (1/2 scale) bevel-geared hand drills were patterned after the 1899 Millers Falls #5 Hand Drill.  Millers Falls Manufacturing Company was based in Millers Falls, MA  and incorporated in 1868. It was renamed the Millers Falls Company in 1872.


That year was the year that Millers Falls offered their hand drill with an extra wide main gear rim, allowing a craftsman to hold the rim between the thumb and forefinger for delicate drilling work.  These drills at full scale are highly useful for general woodworking projects, and at 1/2 scale are even more appropriate for drilling smaller holes with great sensitivity of feel, and of course are highly collectible. 

Master craftsman John Wandling is producing these miniature versions, fully operating and functional, in a limited quantity.  Each one is hand-produced using his Monarch 10EE lathe and Bridgeport mill -- no CNC here!  He checks the fit, finish, and operation of every one individually to make sure it is equal to or better than the quality of the original Millers Falls drill.  The drill is accurate in all details down to the Miller's Falls logo, and contain 3 drill bits in the holllow handle. 


These miniatures make great gifts for a tool aficionado.