Fetal Wilton Vise (miniature)

Fetal Wilton Vise (miniature)


Hand-crafted (without CNC) by master machinist John Wandling on manual machines, this little Wilton vise miniature is fully functional but is only 2-1/4" long fully closed. After the hand work was done, John nickle-plated the parts, resulting in a gorgeous testimony to the days of America's industrial heritage. 

Wilton vises are known the world-over and collectible in their own right.  They were made in sizes from the "Baby" Wilton up to monsters with 8" jaws.  The Baby Wilton has 2" jaws, so I call this the "Fetus Wilton" as its entire length can be easily held in the jaws of a Baby Wilton.  If you buy it, feel free to rename it as you see fit. 

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