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How can I reach you? 

Both my email ( and phone number (425-200-6059) are listed on the home page, though email is preferred. You can submit a question or comment through the contact me page. You may also enter in your email if you would like updates from this shop. 

Yes. After that time I will only offer tools sporadically in local sales, or possibly with Facebook Marketplace. Some items may be sent to national auctions, where their usual buyer's premiums will apply.  Before August 1, if you are looking for a rare or collectible tool, feel free to ask about it and if it is already on the web site feel free to make on offer.

I see the notice that the shop is closing August 1, 2024. Is that true?

How do I find products on your web site?

Easy! You can scroll through the various tool type collections (Planes, Levels, Rules, Saws, etc.), or use the site's Search box to find just what you are looking for. You can also scroll through the entire shop to see everything I currently have on offer.

What if I don't find what I am looking for?

I have only a fraction of my inventory on the web site. Don't be afraid to ask for the special something you are hunting for. I might just have it. Email me anytime. 

Why should I buy from Union Hill Antique Tools, and not another vendor or tool auction?

If you see a great tool offered somewhere else, I think you should buy it. However, carefully check the seller's background and reputation before you do. Union Hill Antique Tools is the longest-running antique tool web site on the Internet for a reason.  Check my terms of sale compared to others -- I offer a 7-day return period for any reason, the crème of the crop in terms of tool inventory, and quick shipping.

Other well-known vendors in the antique tool world also tend to have reputations for fair dealing and good tools but many of them need to sell tools every day as their primary source of income. I am not solely dependent on selling tools to feed my family, which means I have the time to carefully inspect the tools I buy and the ability to make sure you are satisfied.  I won't go hungry if you want to return something for a refund.  I will deal honestly, fairly, and respectfully with you if you do the same with me.

As for tool auction sites, be very careful to check their buyer's premiums, extra fees, and shipping costs and handling times. Most antique tool auction sites have a 10% or more buyer's premium, meaning when you purchase something for $100 it will really cost you $110 plus handling, packaging, and shipping fees to receive it. Also, auctioneer's need to process alot of lots to make a sale profitable, meaning they don't have as much time to inspect the tools on offer for flaws. I've personally had to return multiple lots to auctioneers when their goods were not as described. And some of them are not too happy about it.

What does "Subscribing" to your site mean, and how does it differ from becoming a "member"?

Subscribing to my site means you are interested in receiving very occasional emails announcing a new site feature or sale. These will be infrequent.

Becoming a site Member means you have access to the Articles section of the site. At this time membership is free, but may become a paid option in the future. 

In both cases your contact information will be protected with encryption, will not be sold, given, or shared with anyone else. 

How does shipping work, especially for the larger treadle tools?

If your order total is over $299 and the combined weight of all items in the order is under 20 pounds, shipping is free in the USA and at cost for rest-of-world. I prefer to use the United States Postal Service as they typically have the best rates, and with their Priority mail service deliveries are relatively quick, usually 5 days or less. 

If you need something shipped more quickly, let me know and I will provide a separate shipping quote for you. 

For the larger treadle tools, no shipping is added in the shopping cart because the tool is sold FOB -- meaning shipping and insurance is up to the buyer. There are several options in these cases, each of which has been used successfully in the past by buyers. 

1. If you are local to the Seattle area, or know someone who is, you can arrange with me to come by and pick up the tool.

2. You can contract with a Seattle-area packing and shipping company -- there are several I've dealt with in the past with good results.  You'll discuss their rates for collection, packing, insurance, and shipping directly with them. You can find these vendors using Google -- enter "Seattle packing shipping" or variations on that phrase. 

3. For some of the smaller treadle tools, I can drop off the item at the local UPS packing and shipping center. As with the other packing and shipping vendors, you'll deal directly with them to contract for the packing, insurance, and shipping. Only the collection part of the service will not be needed in this case.  I provide this service for free, but once I drop off the tool at UPS then my responsibility ends and I won't go back to pick up the tool again if you change your mind. I suggest calling my local UPS (425 230 6799) to make plans before I drop it off. I can supply the rough weight and size estimates.


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