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I can provide an estimate of your tool's value, for insurance or sale purposes. In all cases I must have either the tool or a good picture and description of the tool to make an estimation of its value.


A physical inspection of the tool will always result in a more accurate valuation than judging the tool by a photograph (or even several photographs).


My estimate of the value of your tool is based on research of what other similar items have recently sold for, my estimation of the current market interest in that type of tool, the condition of the tool, and its rarity.


Be forewarned that, by definition, most tools are considered common. In the interest of setting realistic expectations, I should also mention that condition is the primary factor in a tool's value. Even a commonly encountered tool that is mint in the original box will have a much higher value than a more uncommon tool in poor shape.

Your ability to sell the tool for the amount of my estimate is not guaranteed -- a tool's salability depends on getting the right collector involved, his or her cash flow at the time, whether they already have one or more in their collections, etc, etc. In other words, there are many variables that can change the value of a tool from place to place and minute to minute. My estimation is a ballpark figure only. If you try to sell your tool in a hurry you may receive far less than what I estimate your item to be worth. Dealers sell at fair market value and must pay less than that when purchasing items. Note that "sentimental value" is not a factor in determining fair market value. You'll never be able to replace Grandpa's old socket wrench, but you may be able to find another of the same model.

Estimate of value is only my opinion of your tool's worth -- I assume no legal responsibility for the correctness of the estimate. Since my estimates are based on your description of the items and their condition, erroneous or incomplete information about an item will invalidate any information I provide. I reserve the right to reject any application for an estimate of value.

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Fish head hammer
Antique cash register
  • Send $75 for the estimation fee.                                                                             

  • Send me your email address, phone number, or other contact information.

  • Send the tool itself to me.  Please include your return street address  (not a P.O. box) and an amount sufficient to cover shipping the tool back to you (in addition to the estimation fee).

  • Or, if sending the tool is not practical, send the following information:

  • One or more detailed and clear photographs of the tool. Emailed pictures are best, but you can also send physical photos - these become my property unless you also include a self-addressed sufficiently-stamped return envelope.

  • A description of the tool, including materials used in its construction and its overall dimensions.

  • Describe the remaining finishes on the tool -- are the finishes gone, is the surface rusty, has it been repainted, etc.

  • Describe where you obtained the tool, and how long you have owned it.

  • Describe the price paid for the tool.

  • Describe any marks or words on the tool. I'll need to know both what the words say and where they are located. If the tool has multiple marks, I'll need a description of all of them.

  • Describe any damage or restoration to the tool.

Once the above information or tool has been received, I will research the tool and provide you with an estimate of value subject to the conditions and limitations stated above. If you have sent the actual tool, I will return it at this point unless you propose a sale.


Another way to find an estimate of a tool's value is to place it for sale on eBay. Because the price you receive from eBay bidders depends on your description, photo, classification, and other factors, this is not a perfect method of valuation, but it allows for a fast sale if that is your interest.

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